A Third Party

WASHINGTON — It may not get much done, but the first session of the 112th Congress, convening in January, will be fun to watch. The most interesting commentary on the 2010 midterm elections was from Republican partisans and their Tea Party cousins as they rhetorically, warily circled each other on the morning after. The man who managed Senator-elect Rand Paul's primary campaign in Kentucky, David Adams, had this to say: "I'm hoping for a lot of fireworks in Washington over who takes control of who. If Republican leaders think for a minute they're going to suck us in and continue…

Glickman in Variety

"It is going to be a changed world, regardless of what happens," said Senior Fellow Dan Glickman regarding the midterm elections on November 2. Glickman, the former chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, was interviewed by Variety about what the outcome of the election results means for the country at large….

Reeves new article in Metro West Daily

Senior Fellow Richard Reeves published a new op-ed piece about the midterm election results entitled "President Mau Mau in the White House". In his article, Reeves discusses how the GOP dominated the House elections and what this could mean for the Democrats once the elections are over. The article can be read in full at MetroWest Daily….