Communication technology serves as a rare bright spot in Haitian recovery, CCLP research trip finds

The Republic of Haiti continues to struggle in its recovery efforts following the devastating January 2010 earthquake, but information and communication technologies are among the few infrastructure bright spots in the country, based on the observations from a recent fact-finding trip, in which the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy (CCLP) participated. CCLP Research Director Mark Latonero, who was selected for the week-long research project because of his work in communication technology and emergency management, found that cell phones and text messages were critical tools for sharing information about recovery efforts in the earthquake ravaged country. "Port-au-Prince still…

For fast, cheap cell phones, go to the Third World

MUMBAI — If you want cheaper, faster, better mobile phone service, many travelers know they should go to Africa or Asia. But the price bar keeps getting lower. For example, here in India, Samsung is marketing a US$37 handset – less than the monthly phone bill most Americans pay. The new phones weigh only two ounces, but they have twelve hours of talk and 650 hours of standby battery power between charges. Or you can listen to FM radio on your phone for 23 hours before you need to recharge….