Schell and Breashears at Sustainability Conference at CSU Chico

Senior Fellow Orville Schell and former CCLP guest speaker, David Breashears are presenting an encore of the presentation "Climate Change in the Himalaya" at the 2010 This Way to Sustainability Conference, a project of Chico State University and Butte College. The conference will be held from November 4-6….

Filmmaker David Breashears: Climate Change Evident Even on Everest

Few things come as a surprise to experienced climbers, who must constantly be ready for treacherous terrain or life-or-death changes in the weather. But, when mountaineer and Mt. Everest expert David Breashears first compared his high resolution photographs of the Himalayas with the first Everest photographs taken by George Mallory in 1921, he was floored by the surprising differences. "I never expected to see climate change at the roof of the world," Breashears recalled. "These glaciers were immutable, the first explorers thought. We all thought they would be here forever, and now we are seeing glaciers sublimate. They are literally…