Hollihan in LAT – Tuscon shootings

Faculty Fellow Tom Hollihan was cited in an article in the Los Angeles Times on the fatal shootings in Tuscon, AZ that has killed 9 people and critcally wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. According to Hollihan, people on the political fringe "get affected by a kind of toxic political culture that makes them angry and paranoid that their government is being taken away."…

Reeves mentioned in HuffPo article on City Club of San Diego

The Huffington Post posted an article on their site about the history of The City Club of San Diego. Over the years, the organization has hosted many different politically-centered programs such as "Immigration: The National Question"; "The State of Our Language: The War over Grammar", and "The Press, Libel & American Freedom." The article also contains a total number that the most prominent speakers have attended the annual event. Topping the list is Senior Fellow Richard Reeves, who has spoken 24 times. The article can be read in full here….

Hollihan presents "Barack Obama and the Debate on Health Care Reform"

"Just after noon, and its already standing room only," joked Annenberg School for Communication director Larry Gross. Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the first Annenberg Research Seminar on August 30, 2010. Faculty Fellow Tom Hollihan kicked off the series with his presentation, Barack Obama and the Debate on Health Care Reform: Dialogic Argument vs. the Politics of Resistance. Hollihan explained that Obama's campaign message was that of hope and change, but not just in a changing of the presidential office but "hope that new leadership could reinvigorate government. Change was the most repeated part of the Obama campaign. Not…

The Etiquette of American Politics

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson has been admonished for yelling “You lie” during President Obama’s health care speech, an outburst that startled many Americans and which others connected to this summer’s rowdy town hall behavior. However, in the United Kingdom the political process is routinely more raucous. Is American the land of polite politics… and is that changing? “There are differences in style between U.S. and U.K. political discourse,” says USC Annenberg communication professor and CCLP faculty fellow Tom Hollihan (pictured), author of Uncivil Wars: Political Campaigns in a Media Age….