Schell in CNN – Middle East Uprising

Amidst the riots in Libya, many fear that China will follow in the steps of many middle eastern countries and begin taking to the streets in violent protest. Not so, says Senior Fellow Orville Schell. "I think most Chinese do feel that things are going pretty well in China, economically at least to date," said Schell in CNN. "Obviously there are some dissatisfied elements, but I don't think that there's the same level of cause for a populist uprising."…

Schell in NYT – China's rise

"For the last hundred years, China has wanted to be in the position where it's not pushed around." said Senior Fellow Orville Schell in an article in the New York Times. "And now they are close to that." China's rise as an economic superpower has threatened the US control has had over the world import and exporting business. Schell also believes that President Obama is working to maintain good relations with the communist state in order to gain necessary aid and alliances for the United States….

Schell in Bloomberg – Hu Jintao

"It's not that the relationship is terrible," said Orville Schell, CCLP Senior Fellow. "It's that it has a funny way of declining in between the re- declaration of vows that goes on at each presidential meeting." Schell was referring to the recent meeting of President Barrack Obama and Chinese leader Hu Jintao in an article published on Bloomberg News….