Shearer in – Obama Foreign Policy

Under the leadership of Senior Fellow Derek Shearer, students at Occidental College in Los Angeles produced a new report documenting the attitudes towards the United States from around the world. Obama and the Rising Powers: The Occidental College Report can be downloaded from….

Cablegate: a demonstration of conflict between transparency and safety, according to Cowan

On January 20, CCLP Director Geoffrey Cowan, along with Senior Fellow Derek Shearer took part in a three-part discussion on the Wikileaks scandal and cablegate. Shearer, a former US Ambassador, and Cowan discussed the fall-out and contention that the publication of US State Department cables has caused not only in the realm of public and international diplomacy, but also how this emergence of information effects the media. "WikiLeaks – Part II: Will WikiLeaks Transform American Diplomacy?" took place on the campus of UCLA in coordination with the Burkle Center for International Relations. An article featuring Cowan was published in UCLA's…

Shearer joins team of economists calling for urgent action against unemployment

Senior Fellow Derek Shearer has joined with sixteen notable economists in a consensus statement released to the website The Daily Beast. "We recognize the necessity of a program to cut the mid- and long-term federal deficit," the group stated in their release, "but the imperative requirement now…is to restore a full measure of economic activity." Shearer's economic team also included Joseph Stiglitz, Alan Blinder, Laura Tyson and Sir Harold Evans….

Annual Fellows Luncheon highlights CCLP impact in a variety of fields

Geoffrey Cowan (left) and Warren Bennis at the Annual Fellows Luncheon held at the University of Southern California. Faculty, staff and friends of the Center on Communication Leadership and Policy (CCLP) gathered for the second Annual Fellows Luncheon to honor senior, faculty, research, law, graduate and junior fellows. Following welcoming remarks from managing director Geoffrey Baum and director Geoffrey Cowan, guests and honorees listened as select fellows described projects and accomplishments during the 2009-2010 academic year. Distinguished fellow, noted author and leadership scholar Warren Bennis was the featured guest, offering observations about the rising importance of the communication field….

Day One of CCLP Forum: Press and policymakers need to probe more deeply on rationale for war in Afghanistan

Policymakers and analysts are calling on the press to dig much deeper into the strife that engulfs Afghanistan, and to provide better analysis on the policy options now before President Obama as he weighs whether to send thousands more American troops. Former Ambassador Morton Abramowitz, who previously headed the State Department's intelligence unit, accused the press of "hit-and-run" coverage that has substituted for serious consideration of policy in Afghanistan. His observations, along with presentations and dialogue among top journalists, scholars and government officials, were presented at the inaugural Global Communication Leadership Forum , held November 6-7 in Los Angeles….