Mark Latonero at Social Computing Symposium

Research director Mark Latonero presented at Microsoft Research's 2014 Social Computing Symposium, speaking about CCLP's research on technology and trafficking. MIT Center for Civic Media director Ethan Zuckerman featured Latonero in his write-up on the symposium….

CCLP collaborates to set forth guidelines for technological interventions of human trafficking

In 2011 and 2012 CCLP research director Mark Latonero published two pioneering reports on the role of technology in both facilitating and combatting human trafficking. The issue has been rising steadily on the agenda of policymakers and stakeholders in recent years. Most notably, President Obama and The White House have identified human trafficking as a high-priority human rights imperative, and have advocated specifically for the development of technologies to stop it. In order to facilitate the development of effective technological interventions that are responsive to the realities and complexities of human trafficking, CCLP has worked with partners including Microsoft…