August Is Too Long to Wait for Amanpour

The Huffington Post featured a piece by Senior Fellow Cinny Kennard on ABC News' announcement that Christiane Amanpour will host the Sunday morning talk show stalwart "This Week" beginning in August. Kennard wrote, "For those of us who have complained about the dumbing-down of news on television, declared journalism dead or carped about too few women in leading roles on TV news programs, it's time to celebrate."…

Oscar’s cracked glass ceiling

The Los Angeles Times featured a study by Faculty Fellow Stacy L. Smith. The LAT reported: "The population might be more than 50% female, but actresses nabbed only 29.9% of the 4,379 speaking parts in the 100 top-grossing films of 2007, according to a recently released study by Stacy L. Smith, a professor at the Annenberg School for Communications & Journalism at USC. Only 2.7% of the directors on those films were women, but when they did step behind the camera, the percentage of female characters jumped dramatically, to as high as 44.6%, compared with 29.3% when the director was…

Leadership Qualities for Moving Ahead

Senior Fellow Cinny Kennard spoke at a workshop on "Leadership Qualities for Moving Ahead" in Milan, Italy at the European House-Ambrosetti–a professional consulting group founded in 1965 by Alfredo Ambrosetti. Kennard presented the findings of her work on the Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation. Visit to read Kennard's work on the Shriver Report….

Essay and a Woman’s Nation

I have just returned from the Los Angeles launch of A Woman's Nation –an ambitious project and a unique report on the status of American women which includes an essay I co authored with Stacy Smith, Ph.D. and Amy Granados entitled Sexy Socialization: Today's Media and the Next Generation of Women" . The Womens' Nation initiative is produced by California First Lady Maria Shriver with partners including the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the CCLP and the multifaceted report –including a comprehensive national poll–is known as, The Shriver Report….

CCLP essay published in Shriver Report reveals gender bias in media

Fellows from the Center on Communication Leadership & Policy have authored an essay in a report released October 15 by award-winning broadcast journalist and author Maria Shriver. Shriver is working in partnership with CCLP and the Center for American Progress on an ambitious research project examining how women's changing roles are affecting government, businesses, faith communities and the media. Findings are being released in The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything. It "outlines how these institutions rely on outdated models of who works and who cares for our families, and examines how all these parts of the culture have…

Women in Communication Leadership

Step by Step. That's how we are launching a Center within a Center. Our focus is squarely on Women and Communication Leadership and creating a Center within CCLP for training and research. It is surely something needed as more and more women (and men) in the Communications Industry find themselves out of a job or forced to reinvent their skill set in this challenging and complicated economic time. Our goal is a robust training institute for women in Communication Leadership. But, first we needed a baseline look at the industry….

NPR’s Kennard appointed senior fellow

Award-winning journalist and media executive Cinny Kennard has been appointed a 2009-2010 Senior Fellow at the USC Annenberg School for Communication's Center on Communication Leadership and Policy. Kennard will lead the Center's development of a project on Women in Communication Leadership that will become a center for scholarly research, policy analysis, and professional executive training. Kennard will also contribute to the CCLP blog and participate in other public programs….